The industry of the games of chance is continuously rising. The development of technology and digital communications has opened countless possibilities of creating new games of chance.

However, there is one game that despite all endures. The good old Bingo still stands  for the most popular family game of chance. 

Of course, nowadays, it has received its numerous digital versions, but still in the world there are lovers of this game made in the classical way.

The big hall, lost of tables and chairs, mechanical drum for drawing numbers, tickets, the inevitable felt-tip pen or pen still have their deserved place. 

It is the same with us here at „Vezuv-Volcano“ for almost 25 years.

Namely, Bingo at the „Budućnost“ stadium as well as Bingo in Hercegovačka street (Princ Caffe) in 1999 have been the predecessors of our official beginning under the name of Vezuv d.o.o. 

On that day, 1st Sept 2000 in TPC „Ražnatović“(Department store „Beko“) the story of our brand “Volcano” started. 

The great opening of the new Bingo within the area of 350 m2, with new equipment and with the spectacular prize (the car RENAULT „Clio“) which was awarded on that day, was actually the proof that we were entering a new stage of our development. The way we approached such new stage has determined our future steps to be innovative, well planned and professionally realized. 

Bingo still exists at the same address, completely renovated under the name VOLCANO CLUB.  There are still certain people who have been working here from the first day, as well as the ones who have been playing from the first day.

This is why, also we are still emotionally attached to the good old Bingo, because it keeps the spirit of our beginning and success.