Who can participate?  

Participation is open to all patrons of the Volcano Slot Clubs.

What is the prize?

Audi A3 Limousine 35 TFSI S-tronic.

How can I qualify to take part in the giveaway?

You are eligible to take part in the prize drawing by winning coupons.

You can win a coupon making you eligible for the giveaway during the game at any gaming site, with a stake of €0.50 or higher, with the random selection system.

The identification number of the slot machine where the coupon was won will be shown on the monitor in the slot machine club.

You will need to save one portion of the coupon for the final drawing, and fill in the other portion with the required data and drop it into the lucky draw box.

There is no limit to the number of coupons you may win.

How can I win the prize?

There will be a drawing to choose 100 players for the slot machine final tournament following the qualification phase. To confirm their participation in the finals, the Organizer of the giveaway will get in touch with each of the chosen finalists. The serial numbers of the drawn coupons will be published on the Organizer’s website www.volcanocasino.me  and Instagram page volcanobetme.

The participants in the tournament will play two rounds on the slot machines, with an equal starting stake, with no money involved. Every player in the tournament has the same fixed stake. One tournament round lasts 3 minutes. Each participant is obliged to play continuously for three minutes. The tournament champion is the player with the most credits won at the conclusion of both tournament rounds. The automobile will be awarded to the tournament winner.

The tournament is held at the Volcano Slot Club located at the address: Trg nezavisnosti bb, Podgorica.

Duration of the promotion:

Qualification period:  May 15th  – July 10th 2024

Drawing of finalists: July 12th 2024

The finals and announcement of the prize game winner: July 18th 2024 at 20:00h

Other terms and conditions:

  • The participant needs to write his/her name, surname, phone number on the marked part of the coupon and drop the filled out coupon into the lucky draw box.
  • The participant shall keep the second portion of the coupon until the end of the prize draw.
  • Coupons are not transferable and are valid for personal use.
  • A participant who wins several coupons is obliged to fill out each coupon.
  • If a player does not want to participate in the giveaway and refuses to pick up the coupon won, such coupon shall be canceled and submitted to the commission monitoring the regularity of the giveaway implementation.
  • The finalists drawn shall be contacted by the Organizer to confirm their participation in the final tournament.
  • If a drawn participant does not answer the phone call by the Organizer of the giveaway, nor does he/she answer the SMS text by 8:00 p.m. on July 17th 2024, it is considered that his/her participation in the tournament has not been confirmed.
  • The tournament is open to all confirmed participants who come to the premises of the slot club located at Trg Nezavisnosti in Podgorica, on July 18th  2024 by 20:00.
  • The tournament participants shall play two rounds each on a group of 6 slot machines, with no money involved.
  • All participants start the tournament with 3,000 credits in both rounds.
  • The stake is fixed and equal for all participants.
  • The game round lasts 3 minutes during which the participants are obliged to play continuously.
  • At the end of the prescribed time for the game, the participants are listed with the remaining credits that are used for ranking.
  • Credit scores shall be added up after two played rounds.
  • The participant with the highest number of credits after two played rounds shall be the winner of the automobile Audi A3 Limousine 35 TFSI S-tronic.
  • The winner agrees to be photographed during the presentation of the prize and agrees that the same material may be used for promotional purposes.
  • The validity of the tournament and the announcement of the winner shall be monitored by a commission appointed by the Organizer.
  • COMPETENT COURT FOR RESOLVING DISPUTE ISSUES: Court of substantive jurisdiction in Podgorica.